Co-written with Daniel Goldenberg and Isabelle Willems
Based upon “Bleekhof” by Pierre De Clercq

  • "Bleekhof" Laureaat Beste Nederlandstalig Filmscenario, Vlaamse Gemeenschap
Director:Michel Mees
Cinematographer:Patrice Payen
Music:Jorge Arriagada
Producer:Jacqueline Pierreux
Production:RTBf (Brussels), Zenab (Brussels), AO Productions (Paris), SGGC (Paris)
Cast:Zabou, Wladimir Yordanoff, Michel Feller, Catherine Aymerie, Serge Demoulin, Nicole Valberg, François Marthouret, Erik Burke, Rick Hancke, Nicole Colchat
Original language:French
Running time:90 minutes

“Curiously, the script has certain parallels with the first Belgian classic, Albert Machin’s War is Hell. It also features a heroine who falls in love with a foreign aviator against the backdrop of war. Both films are bathed in a bittersweet romanticism between passion and fate, dread and tears. However, for the young washerwoman of the château de Blanval, the drama is played out between three pretenders: an injured Canadian soldier she is hiding, a German officer whose ambiguous affection protects her and the steward of the estate, an odious blackmailer.”

René Michelems, Belgian Cinema,
The Royal Belgian Film Archive, Brussels, 1999