(A Good Year)

Created and written by Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem & Pierre De Clercq

Director:Kadir Ferati Balci
Cinematographer:Konrad Widelski
Editor:Tanya Fallenius
Producers:Bruno Wyndaele, Dries Phlypo
Production:Mockingbird, DPG Media
Cast:Jurgen Delnaet, Joke Devynck, Boris Van Severen, Frances Lefebure, Johny Voners, Kurt Rogiers, Mathieu Sys, Burak Balci, Jeroen Perceval, Peter Block, Bill Barberis
Original language:Dutch
Running time:8 episodes of 50 minutes

In a resistance cellar near Hitler’s 1940 Ardennes headquarters, disgraced engineer Erik and small-time crook Lenny come across some precious bottles of Château Rycler 1937. They convince a shady Brussels antiquarian that the wine was the Führer’s, but their swindle gets wildly out of hand.